Rank Math Pro WP SEO Plugin


Rank Math Pro Plugin v2.17.1 WordPress SEO Plugin

Latest Rank Math Pro WP SEO Plugin

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Rank Math Pro Plugin v2.17.1 WordPress SEO Plugin

Latest Rank Math Pro WP SEO Plugin Rank Math is the most powerful way to add BEST WordPress SEO tools to your website.

One Time Payment

Lifetime FREE Updates

All Products Latest Version Available

No Virus, No Malware

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  • Guess from wordpress seo

Stop manually configuring your site to accomplish best practices. Rank Math saves you from countless hours of repetitive work and makes it easy to optimize posts so that you can actually rank your site higher. Is this enough?

  • Easy to follow setup wizard

Rank Math practically configures itself. Rank Math has a step-by-step installation and configuration wizard that completely sets up SEO for WordPress.

After installation, Rank Math confirms your site’s settings and recommends ideal settings for best performance. The step-by-step wizard then sets your site’s SEO, social profile, webmaster profile, and other SEO settings.

  • Clean and simple user interface

Rank Math is designed to present you the right information at the right time. The simple, but powerful user-interface exposes your post as well as important information about your post. By using this information, you can improve the SEO of your post immediately.

Rank Math also has advanced snippet previews. You can preview how your post will look in the SERPs, preview rich snippets, and even preview how your post will look when shared on social media.

  • Built with performance in mind

We take performance seriously and have years of experience with creating software for WordPress websites.

Continuously improving the performance of our plugins and ensuring new functionality does not compromise it, so it is our top priority as soon as possible.

  • Industry-leading support

We take care of ourselves. When you use rank mathematics you are not left high and dry. We propose the quickest turn-around once for support questions and solve problems quickly and effectively. We provide support as if we were asking for it. Our team is available round the clock to help. Rank Math Pro WP SEO Plugin.

  • Your all-in-one solution for all SEO needs

Automatically run 30 extremely useful SEO tests to ensure your site is properly configured.

Seo analyst

Google Search Console

Keyword ranking

Schema markup

Secure Code and Privacy

  1. Easy to follow setup wizard
    Get up and running in no time
  2. Built-in Advanced SEO Analytics Module
    Helps you track keyword ranking and search engine errors
  3. Google Analytics Integration
    See all your website metrics with meaningful insights
  4. Rank tracker
    Track your keywords and their search engine terms
  5. Track status history
    Know exactly what SEO technique is working for you
  6. Ranking keywords for posts
    Know all the ranking keywords for each post
  7. Most advanced schema generator
    Improves CTR by building your content out into SERPs
  8. Import Schema Markup from Another Website
    Beat your rivals in your game
  9. Schema markup validation
    Add your schema when you are adding it
  10. Custom schema builder
    Add multiple schema types from a single window
  11. Scheme Template with Display Conditions
    Customize and automate the schema of the entire website
  12. Article plan
    SERPs allow your content to appear as a rich card
  13. Product plans
    Show important product information inside the SERPs
  14. Recipe Schema
    Show important information about your recipes inside the SERPs
  15. Events Schema
    Get more eyeballs for your event
  16. Video schema
    Pop-out your video inside search results
  17. Local business plans
    Improves your local listings and SEO
  18. FAQ Schema
    Rise above your competition in SERPs using the FAQ schema
  19. Hoto Schema Block
    Easily Add SEO-Friendly HowTo Block to Your Content
  20. Add knowledge graph meta data
    Make your unique content stand out from the rest of the SERPs
  21. Keyword Comparison and Google Trends Tool
    Research which keywords you should target
  22. XML Sitemap
    Tell the search engine about each page you want to index.
  23. News sitemap for website submission on Google News
    List via Google News and get free traffic
  24. Video Sitemaps for Video Websites
    Submit your video content to Google for indexation
  25. Automated image seo
    Helps to improve your image ranking even more
  26. Advanced Image SEO Module
    Automate your image seo
  27. Local SEO Optimization
    Helps your business rank higher in local search results
  28. Multiplier Local Business Locations
    Do Local SEO With Many Business Locations
  29. Shortcode to display contact information
    Show contact information with the appropriate schema on any page
  30. Advanced block to show local business information
    Enter your local business information anywhere
  31. WooCommerce SEO Pro
    Helps you optimize your product pages and get more sales
  32. Complete Easy Digital Download SEO
    Optimize your digital products on EDD
  33. Focus on keyword and content analysis
    Get a to-do list to improve your content
  34. SEO analysis tool is based on 40 factors
    Gives you a to-do list to improve your website
  35. Edit Advanced Bulk Options
    Make SEO changes to multiple posts at once
  36. Quick Editing SEO Description
    Change the SEO settings of a post from the post list view
  37. Top 5 Winning / Losing Posts
    See which posts are performing and which posts require additional work
  38. Top 5 Winning / Losing Keywords
    Know what you are doing right and where you are going wrong
  39. SEO overview of site content
    Bird’s eye on your website’s SEO performance
  40. Badge system for single post and page
    Get a badge on your best performing content
  41. Single Post SEO Report
    Track SEO performance for each post
  42. Client Management for Business Owners
    Manage quota easily on customer websites
  43. Single Page and Page Track Page Speed
    Monitor the loading speed of all your pages from within WordPress
  44. Default opengraph thumbnail
    Can never be caught on social media without an attractive image
  45. Add Watermark to Social Media Images
    “Brand” your images with one click
  46. Facebook automatic open graph
    Easily shares your website on social media
  47. Add icon overlay on thumbnails for FB, Twitter and G +
    Helps to increase CTR on social websites
  48. Default share image
    Can never be caught on social media without an attractive image
  49. Twitter meta card
    Easily found on twitter
  50. Facebook authentication
    Be aware of when your content is shared on Facebook
  51. Social preview
    Preview your social posts inside wordpress
  52. Social media account integration
    List Your Social Profiles Within SERPs
  53. Get it from all search engines and social media sites
    Helps to make your website easier
  54. Ping search engine
    The ping search engine crawls your website when you publish.
  55. Google, Bing, Alexa, Yandex and PinTest verification tools
    Verify in a moment
  56. Optimize seo for single item
    For personal posts, select noindex, canonical tag, etc.
  57. Edit the title and description of all your content
    Change the title and description of all your posts easily
  58. Control of title and meta for all posts, pages or custom post types
    Automatically generate meta information for older posts
  59. Modify global meta
    Change meta settings for all posts / pages at once
  60. Control Robot Meta on all posts, pages or custom post types
    Can control Google and index
  61. Optimize author profile by enabling SEO meta box for users
    Even easily rank your author archives
  62. Optimize category archives by enabling SEO meta box for categories
    Optimize Category Archives for better ranking
  63. Choose your separator character
    Change even the most minute details for additional CTR
  64. Post preview on google
    See how your post appears in Google before publishing
  65. Link builder – very easy to add internally [coming soon]
    Create internal link on auto-pilot
  66. Advanced redirection manager
    Easily Macintosh affiliate link and control link-juice
  67. Redirect attachments to their original posts, pages, or custom post types
    Avoid link-juice from overflowing useless attachments
  68. Strip range base
    Make URLs more memorable and SEO friendly
  69. 404 monitor – simple and advanced
    Check where users are seeing errors and redirect them
  70. .htaccess editor
    Get full control of your website within Rank Math
  71. robots.txt editor
    Block access to bots within Rank Math
  72. RSS optimization
    Add backlinks to your website inside an RSS feed
  73. Highly customizable breadcrumbs
    Helps to make your website easier
  74. Display breadcrumbs in themes
    Add breadcrumbs to your website without editing code
  75. Choose a Primary Category
    Customize which category you want to appear in breadcrumbs
  76. version control
    Easily return to the previous rank math version or try the beta version
  77. Gutenberg SEO
    Access SEO Options Without Scrolling
  78. Element SEO
    The only WordPress SEO plugin that provides Elemento SEO
  79. Import / Export Settings with one click
    Easily backup and transfer all SEO settings
  80. Custom Setup Wizard Mode
    Repeat the rank math settings on websites
  81. Yoast Free & Premium Advanced Options Importer
    One-click importer for Yoast’s SEO plugin
  82. All in One SEO Advanced Options Importer
    One-click importer for All in One SEO Pack
  83. Contextual help (tooltips, notices, help tabs, etc.)
    Makes every choice and is easily understood
  84. Compatibility check
    Helps solve problems before using the plugin
  85. Excellent code quality
    Your website is getting faster load
  86. Detailed document
    Get step-by-step instructions on every feature and option

Rank Math is a game-changer!

  • Auto configuration
  • Latest seo plugin
  • Best seo analyst
  • Email ranking reporting [coming soon]
  • 1-Click Import from Yoast
  • Click Import from 1-AIO SEO
  • Up to 5 keyword optimizations
  • Google Keyword Rank Tracking
  • Full schema codex
  • Google Search Console
  • Fastest Link Builder [Coming Soon]
  • Google Knowledge Graph
  • Bulk Optimization (SEO)
  • Detailed document

Who can benefit from Rank Math?

  • Blogger
  • ECommerce Stores
  • Niche sites
  • Businesses
  • local business
  • News websites
  • Startup
  • real estate
  • Artist and Photographer
  • Solution proponent
  • The directory
  • Any wordpress website
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